Karate Plus Martial Arts Personal Development Center is committed to creating leaders in our community.  We believe that we can make a difference in our community "one person at a time"! We invite you to read through the testimonials our parents and students have offered! 

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, 
but in rising every time we fail.


We would like to take a moment to thank you for your dedication to our countries youth.  At a time when there are so many negativities surrounding our children, it is pleasing to know we can still be productive citizens and it’s never too early to start.

I have seen my child’s self-esteem grow.  I have seen my son Justin make new friends and experience true sportsmanship.  His training inside the class has prepared him for what awaits him outside the class.  His dedication to his education has improved and his mannerisms stand out.

We appreciate your training foundations.  Your respect for God, Country and Family is greatly admired.

I would also like to mention how much your staff is appreciated.  You all are a very special people.  Thank you for all the training my son is receiving.  I know he just loves what he is doing and I know it will be with him always.  We have come to realize that Karate isn’t just Self-Defense.  It’s Self-Discipline, preparation of mind and body as well as attitude and respect.

May God bless you in a very special way. 

                                        Edward & Diana D.


After sharing the last year and a half with you—having my son, Phillip, and me in class—I wanted to spend a little time to let you know all the things we appreciate about how you run your program.  You set a superb example for your students, you certainly deserve the tremendous growth your school has enjoyed this past year, and we can’t thank you enough.  But we’re about to try.

First, of course, your classes embody the highest quality of the values everybody expects to find in a good Karate School: discipline from the outside builds discipline on the inside; respect shown in the dojo only counts if it shows up as respect at home and in school; gradually increasing challenges build true confidence.

The best example, though, of your master instruction came in a conversation you had with Phillip very early in his lessons.  I remember you telling him, “If you follow this program, you can place yourself in the top 3 students in your class at the State level.”  I thought: great motivation, but we’ll see…one goal at a time.  Well, nothing made me smile more than watching Phillip, as you predicted, bound proudly across the tournament floor wearing his 3rd place award belt at last year’s TNT State Competition.

Certainly more important than any sports competition, I continue to be impressed how your program holds the highest standards of total personal growth; in the dojo, at home, at school, with friends, and in church.  I enjoy how you teach clear Christian-based lessons that apply everywhere.  As you know, on several occasions, it’s meant a lot to me that you and I work together setting goals for Phillip’s growth, and adjusting his home and school environment when he’s having especially good or bad days.

Contrary to many people’s impressions of combat-focused karate instruction, you successfully teach Phillip the reflexes of how to avoid confrontations.  I’ve seen it many times when he’s elbowed out of line in a crowd of friends—thanks to your reinforcement in class, he shows amazing maturity deciding when to step back quietly and how to calmly stand his ground.

A bonus for me has been the thrill of meeting a number of your former students, from a span of several decades!  Hearing them share their experiences has made it clear what a blessing you’ve been to the whole community, raising leaders who are active duty military, law enforcement professionals, teachers at all levels, church leaders, and families of all backgrounds.

It’s a privilege for Phillip and me to be a part of that large Karate Plus Martial Arts Personal Development Center family!  There’s no doubt that our time spent with you will always mean the world to Phillip and to our family.  Please pass our home number out freely to anybody who’d like to hear more about what it’s like to be in your school.

Until our next class, we remain (proud to be)

                              Your friends, 
                              Glenn & Phillip


Since my son and I began training under Grand Master Lockhart, I have noticed a tremendous improvement in our overall physical fitness.  Also, the discipline and principles my son has been exposed to in class have resulted in a remarkable improvement in his academic and social skills.   

We both enjoy the classes very much and, I recommend Grand Master Lockhart’s classes.

                                        James T.


I’m writing to thank you for introducing my son, Devon to the wonderful world of Karate.  Since he started training, he has made great strides in his life.  He is more confident in himself, he has pride in his work and he has goals that he has attained and is making more goals for himself.  Devon is stronger physically and mentally and that is due in part to his training at your school.  I also appreciate the way you incorporate Christian values into everything that the students do.

I hope your studio continues to thrive so that you may teach others in the way you have taught my son and all those before him and those to come.  May God continue to bless and keep you in all that you do.


                                        Kathy H.


In February this year I signed my grandsons up for your program.  The idea of learning a Martial Art looked interesting so I signed up with my grandsons.  I wanted my grandsons, Mike and Ryan, to learn the aspects that are learned through Martial Arts:  discipline, attitude, respect, confidence.  Since I am raising my grandsons, I can teach them only so much from what I have learned in past experience.

          Since February, I have seen a great change in the boys’ attitudes.  There is still a lot of room for improvement, but changes none the less.  Since I am taking the same instructions as they are, I can refresh their memory when they begin to act up at home.  I, and my wife, are very impressed in their progress.  It is evident they really enjoy learning this Art.

          As for me, I admit I had reluctance in the beginning.  I am 49 years of age, with three grandchildren, raising two of them; just getting over heart surgery; over weight and with no confidence in myself to do anything in regards with my health.  Since I started the program I have been able to keep up with the exercising on my own almost every day.  I have lost weight, and inches, and my energy has increased.  And just as important, I have gained some confidence myself.  I was always apprehensive to get into a confrontation because of my health.  Feeling stronger and a little bit more limber, I have more confidence in myself where I know I can defend myself better than I did a few months ago.

          This program has given me the insight to stay away from confrontations rather than to stand there and fight.  The more I learn Martial Art, the more I see it is better to walk away than to use it unwisely.

          Now we, my grandsons and I, have joined the Black Belt Program.  We are all anxious about this and I feel, at last, that this will get me into the best physical shape of my life.

          Thank you.


                                                  Michael M.


I would like to acknowledge the services you offer to my grandchild and others in the community of San Antonio.  You are doing the will of Him who sends us out to work in His vineyards and bring other to Him.  You are touching lives and making a difference in our young and others who may not be as young as once were, but still feel young at heart.  You are following the teachings of our Lord and Savior.

Sarina is my grandchild and I need her in a place where she is growing and being nurtured by people who are of the same mind field as me; people who are in agreement with the teachings and beliefs that nurtures us through out our lives.  I am confident that I made the right decision for Sarina.  It is the values, teachings, and nurturing that will last, not the belts and pictures that go on the wall.  Yes, I want for Sarina to gain all she can, but the lessons learned along the way will carry her through life.  This is what will decide her success.  This is the goal for Sarina.  BE ALL YOU CAN BE and be the best that you can be!

So, to you and your Family, “THANK YOU!”  Ms. Janine, thank you for your work with the Little People.  The instructions during class are great.  Everyone does a fantastic job.  Professor, you have TRAINED THEM WELL! 

                              Ruby H.


We are extremely blessed to have found such a treasure in Karate Plus Martial Arts Personal Development Center.  It has truly been a family experience for us.  In the beginning, we thought that our son was too young, not mature enough or not attentive enough to be in karate.  However, we are so very glad that Professor Lockhart, Sr. and the instructors were able to see the potential in our young son and convinced us otherwise.

            With patience and perseverance, our son has been given better focus and direction and we have begun to help nurture these valuable characteristics through the guidance of the instructors at Karate Plus Martial Arts Personal Development Center.  These characteristics are the foundation that will be essential for the rest of our son’s life.  We have grown to know that the instructors have many years of experience as is evident of the various successful techniques that are used in their classes.  We are grateful for all the advice and all the exercises we have been exposed to through Karate Plus Martial Arts P.D.C.  We now no longer look at this as just a karate school but also a place that we call home where we can find people that care and are there for constant support and guidance.  We are very hopeful for a great future for our son and for our family as our son continues to grow and meet the various challenges and stages of life.

            Karate Plus Martial Arts Personal Development Center is not just an extracurricular activity or a means of exercise; it is an ongoing form of education through discipline of the mind and body for our family. 

                              Debbie M.


We are an experienced "Karate Family".  When we returned to the San Antonio area after a 4 year leave, we actively looked and evaluated karate schools.  This school immediately came to our attention due to the unequaled qualifications of its lead teacher, Grand Master Lockhart, Sr.  Then, we were pleased to find that they actually wanted to interview our family and see if we matched what their curriculum had to offer.  This is an up-front operation with the true Spirit of Martial Arts at its core.  It is not simply a business!  Obviously, we chose this school and have for the past 6 months been very pleased.  "I recommend this school without hesitation!

                              Doria C.


"This is an excellent school with exceptionally well-qualified, caring instructors and I have gained tremendous benefits from their instruction.  As a senior adult I was made to feel welcome, a very important consideration for me!"

                               Barbara G.


I came into the center after going through a tragic loss in my family.  Such a terrible loss affected not only our minds but also our bodies.  My 10 year old daughter started taking the course and the classes quickly proved to be great exercise for the family, full of fun and yet focused.  The atmosphere and the dedication of the staff goes above and beyond what you would expect.  I expected expertise and professionalism.  What we received was expertise, professionalism, dedication, healing and a place you will feel cared for, comfortable and at home.

                               Marla C.


I stumbled upon this school via a search for local karate instruction.  My 7-year old took to the staff immediately and, I have seen a wonderful transformation.  Besides an increase in fitness level, he now also has a better sense of confidence and determination.  The instructors truly exemplify personal community development in everything they say and do.  The students have plenty of fun but also learn to become socially-conscious individuals.  I couldn't be happier to have found this school.

                               Catherine F.


I have been associated with Martial Arts Personal Development Center since 1999.  Under their guidance, I not only earned my First-Degree Black Belt, I gained increased self-confidence and physical fitness levels I had been seeking most of my life.  Their structure, teaching methods, outstanding empathy encouraged me not only to go on and achieve my Second-Degree, but also to venture out and try new and exciting things that life has to offer.

                 Crys K.


The greatest thing I've done was to put my 12 year old into this program.  My son wasn't bad, but needed some type of structure besides television, computer and play station which doesn't really teach him any values.  It was also not my idea of structure.  My son has always been in love with Martial Arts and that is what made me enroll him into the Karate Plus Martial Arts Personal Development Center program.  There you have some wonderful teachers such as Dr. Lockhart, Sr., Ms. J and Mr. Lockhart, instilling children with self-discipline, respect, to have goals and much more.

                  Darrilyn H.


A wonderful combination.  My son Bryan (12 years old) has been attending this center since January 2008.  Not only has his physical condition improved, his self-esteem has increased greatly as well.  This Development Center honors its name, since it is a wonderful combination of Martial Arts, self-control, discipline and even after-school care if you need it!  In addition, the Center has different activities in the community.  This is a family business where the instructors take the time to address each of the students' needs, children and adults alike.  I have been very impressed, especially because "honor and integrity" are highly valued at this center.

                 Mayra C.


An excellent experience!  I enrolled my 4 year old son and myself into this center.  The classes were well organized where we both could participate.  We gained mental and physical strength from all the lessons.  My son loved going and I really enjoyed seeing him interact with other students and just being himself. This Martial Arts Center has taught my son and I, to say the least, self-confidence and discipline.  A wonderful  experience and a wonderful place to be a part of!

                 Marcia B.


I have learned so much from Martial Arts P.D.C.!  I have developed so much self-confidence.

                  Holly B.


I have been involved in Martial Arts in the past, and this school is far and away the best school for instruction I have seen as of yet.  The level of professionalism shown by the Black Belt staff is above reproach and I would highly recommend this gym to anyone I know.  The level of expertise of Grand Master Lockhart, Sr. is second to none...you will gain something from this gym no matter what the reason is for joining.  It is definitely family friendly and the classes geared toward the children is AWESOME!

                  Michael C.


I can not begin to express our feelings about Martial Arts P.D.C. They are INCREDIBLE!!!! I admire how they all take pride in there students as well as family members. They teach everyone responsiblity and the rewards that follow. I highly recommend this facility to everyone that crosses my path. They are truly a gift from God.

               Thank you Much Clyde, Clyde Creed and Celeste H.


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a difference the Martial Arts have made for my children.  I can see the impacts in both of them.  I knew that with my youngest child it would take some time, but he is so proud when he accomplishes a new task which is due to the confidence he has built through his classes.  The biggest difference however has been with my oldest child.  Recently another child placed him in a head lock at school.  Before he has started Martial Arts, he would have started hitting the child until he was released, as he lost his temper.  With the training he has received from all of you, he was able to keep his cool and report it to a teacher which kept him out of trouble.  I also appreciate the fact that you have shown him how to get out of a head lock so it will not impact him in the future.

                                Joyce O.