Miss Janine


  • Aerobic Kickboxing
  • Little Dragons Karate
  • Handicapable Karate


    Miss Janine is a second degree black belt, associate instructor, and certified aerobic kickboxing instructor.  She conducts our Aerobic Kickboxing program with energy and a smile!

    Miss Janine's extensive experience with children as well as children with special needs makes her an excellent student  instructor to help Dr. Lockhart with our Handicapable Karate program.  In  addition, she teaches the Little Dragons Karate program.

    On top of all of her instructional activities, Miss Janine is the Program Director and Manager at Karate Plus Martial Arts Personal Development Center, being responsible for all of the daily administrative tasks, registration of new students, and personally seeing to the needs of each student.  She is also enrolled in the National Black Belt Program