Instructor Info

Our instructors have been chosen for their knowledge, performance, and ability to communicate effectively.  As Black Belt professionals, they are constantly updated on the newest trends and current activities in the Martial Arts.  Their enthusiasm, helpfulness, friendliness and willingness to assist you in all areas of your training are proof that our karate programs work.  Parents enrolling their children are reassured to know that classes are conducted by instructors who expect the best behavior, uphold rules and provide continuous supervision and encouragement, a vital part to your success.  Karate Plus Martial Arts Personal Development Center in San Antonio and its staff strive daily to be the best they can be and are dedicated to passing along that same quality of assurance and achievement to every student.


Our Karate Instructors

Dr. Larry M. Lockhart, Sr., Grand Master

Miss Janine,  Instructor


Our Aerobic Kickboxing Instructors

Dr. Larry M. Lockhart, Sr.

Miss Janine


Our JuJitsu Instructor

Steve Janosik