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Karate Plus Martial Arts Personal Development Center offers a variety of Mixed Martial Arts Programs for you and your family in San Antonio. Our curriculum has been specifically developed to allow each student to reach his or her greatest potential in the shortest period of time.

At Martial Arts Personal Development Center we teach the fundamentals of the Martial Arts by combining the time tested Eastern philosophy of Martial Arts with the modern approach of Western teaching strategies.  We offer a well balanced program for adults and children that emphasizes pride, self-esteem, fitness and integrity.  So, whether you are a beginner or a Black Belt and your interest is in self defense, physical fitness, mental conditioning, or sport competition, you will find that our Karate Programs and Martial Arts Curriculum provide the opportunity for unlimited personal development, growth and achievement.

It's not all serious -- we have lots of fun -- just ask the kids.  We regularly have social functions such as pizza parties, parent's night out, Karate Birthday Parties and movie nights.  Our goal is to create an atmosphere of success and accomplishment, making sure everyone feels great about themselves as they make their journey towards Black Belt and becoming leaders in our community.  We make learning challenging as well as enjoyable.  Not only do our students learn the most, they have the most fun too!  If you're still not sure, just read what some of our parents and students have to say about us in their testimonials.

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