National Black Belt Program


The National Black Belt Program is an affiliation of top Martial Arts students from around the country who have made the commitment to earning a Black Belt at their Martial Arts school.

Black Belt is the world's most recognized and respected Martial Arts rank and an international symbol of personal excellence.  A student's commitment to earning this rank and the prestige associated with it is recognized in the awarding of this membership.  As students progress, their colored belt has a black stripe to indicate they are part of this program.

However, membership is only as good as the student's follow-through.  Students must train hard and don't miss class.  As a National Black Belt Program member, they represent respect, courtesy, and self-control - both in and out of the Martial Arts school.

Click here to see a list of National Black Belt Program members who have joined our karate program in San Antonio, Texas.


National Black Belt Program Members Performance