Rules of the Dojang


Self-discipline is a pearl that grows slowly.  It gives us the ability to do the correct many things in life.  To develop self-discipline, we must first learn to accept someone else’s discipline.  This is the most important reason for the “Rules of the Dojang” so that we may get maximum benefits.

1.      Bow politely and announce loudly the “Word of the Month” when entering and leaving the dojang.  This is to demonstrate respect.

2.      When speaking to instructors, advanced belts or adults, always address them as “Sir” or “Ma’am”.  Always say: “Yes, Ma’am” or “No, Sir” when answering.

3.      Bow politely to your instructors at the first meeting of each day and before asking a question.  This is to show respect and to help develop a very special trait “humility”.

4.      Leadership students are expected to be considerate and well behaved, to help newer students and to set a good example to others.

5.      Students are not to talk during class instruction.  If you wish to ask a question, you must raise your hand and wait for the instructor to acknowledge you.

6.      Only school approved uniforms and safety equipment are allowed on the workout floor.

7.      Do not chew gum, drink, eat or wear shoes in the workout area.

8.      All students are expected to assist in keeping the dojang clean.

9.      Sparring without school approved safety equipment or instructor supervision is not allowed.  It is disrespectful to ask a person of higher rank to spar.

10.  Be on time for class.  If you are more than 5 minutes late, you must wait for the next class.  Upon late arrival, you are required to perform “KYL YOOL”, a Discipline Form (Kata), three times before joining class.

11.  If you arrive early, get your card, sit down and stretch quietly in the back room.  Remember, no loud talking, playing or rowdy behavior.

12.  Words of consideration will be used at all times.  Cursing WILL NOT be tolerated.

Professor Larry M. Lockhart, Sr.

Grand Master/Chief Master Instructor